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Thousands of free avatars to wear while you chat! Adding more daily!

Its free and you get to make your own world for free!

Its a web page, nothing to download! Its new, you can be one of the first worlds!

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On Worlize you and your friends can chat in beautiful, 2d, customizable worlds. This page will help guide you.

Log on to Worlize with facebook or twitter or you can create your own account. Every member gets their own home, or world to create!

My world has avatar generators and doll makers with my original dolls, you can make a doll and then save it as an avatar to wear while you chat!

and oh yeah, this has the best video chat ever! You can video chat with as many people as you want at the same time =)

you wear your video stream as your avatar.......its so cool!!!!!!!

Screen Shots of a few of my chat rooms......

  • Forest
  • The Gate
  • kitchenshot_small
  • Living Room
  • The Study
  • youtubeshot_small
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Click here for virtual tours of some of the worlds on worlize

A virtual tour is a slide show of rooms in a world. You can click on a picture in the slide show to go tot hat room and start chatting now!

Click here to download Props and Objects

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 Room Backgrounds

Click on the Home icon to get to your world.

You can upload your own room backgrounds. A room background is 950 x 570

Here is a good free art program

To save a background, click the thumbnail and save the picture after it loads.


Click here for room backgrounds

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Help Topics


Avatars are pictures/dolls/things you wear to represent yourself when you chat. You can upload your own avatars, or you can get them from avatar generators in my world or other worlds. Avatars can be animated!

Need avs?     violablu.net    avatar-gurl.com


Props are items you can place in rooms like chairs, or animals, or decorations. You can send a prop as a gift to your friends.

here are a few props.....              

you upload props in the prop menu

When you use a prop in a room, other people in the room can save it, move it, or delete it. It will stay in your prop bag.


Objects are just like props, but you use them in your world/home. Other people can not move them or delete them. They can be used as decorations, or doorways to other rooms. Each of your objects can only be used once.

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