The E&O was boring

I am not sure how long I spent in the E&O unit. I know I got there some time close to Halloween and spent all the Holidays there without any visits from my parents. Our days were all the same. We woke up and did 15 minutes or so of morning exercises at 5 am, in our pajamas, witch were those gowns with no ass…. Then we would have 5 minutes or so to make our beds in perfect army corners, or whatever you call it. I do not remember getting dressed, but it happened. We had a bathroom with cameras in it. We were allowed in the bathroom for 5 minutes at a time. Even for showers. If you went over, you got into trouble. We were always watched.
We would go into a dinning room with another group of girls and eat our meals. We could not talk to girls in other groups. It was called group mixing and you got in trouble if you did that. No one wanted to get into trouble, they take what little privileges you have away, like your right to leave your room, or your right to wear clothing…..
After we ate each morning we would follow a daily schedule. Each day included, but was not limited to, an hour of letter writing, an hour of group games, an hour of one on ones (just alone time with other group members) an hour of aerobics, an hour of counselling from a doctor, an hour outside in the 10 foot by 10 foot court yard we had, lunch and dinner, shower time, and many hours of group therapy, and many hours of day dreaming. School did not exists. We took turns each week writing the schedule and that was our school. There were 2 E&O groups for girls at that time. We were all aloud to write to our parents and that was about it. All our mail was illegally read by someone. We kept the place hospital clean at all times, no one ever cleaned up after us. I am not sure what our parents thought was going on, but I am sure they thought it was something totally different. They were told not to believe anything negative I said and to believe anything positive. Our parents attended group therapy with other parents…..They were very well brain washed.

The staff was ok. I listened to them like they knew something. I know now they knew nothing. They were young and dumb, just not as young and dumb as I was. I never witnessed any abuse in the E&O. There was no work yet. I picked out one of the staff members to kiss up to. She was into sports and acted like a boy, and was the easiest one to talk to. She had a few other girls who she seemed close to. I would write her letters instead of writing to my parents. This helped me get out of the E&O faster. The staff would all vote on everything, like if you got to move on, or not. I think I became closer to her than I wanted, I missed her later. I wanted to take her to the outside campus with me.

Sometime in the spring I was approved to move to the outside campus. This is when they would tell us what group we would go into. Each group on the outside had different living conditions. Some lived in Tee-pees. some in cabins, some in tool sheds, some in tents. Every group had a campsite with one outhouse that they dug and built themselves. Girls were always excited to find out what group they would be in, and who they would be with from their E&O stay. Once we moved to that new group, we could no longer look at or talk to the other girls we had been in group with before. It was painful. For months and months, you eat sleep and breath these girls into your life, only to lose them in the end. Lucky me! I was going to a campsite with cabins, and no group members yet..I had to go and start a new group. This place sucked, it had to be better than this place!!!

They take you out gradually. I Would go and visit the out side for a day and then come back and talk about it in group. During those days, I was with a group leader on my new campsite, cleaning it up! The cabins had been unused for a long time and everything was covered in cob webs. I think most girls would be getting to know their new group members during this time, but I had none. One day I did get to meet another girl for a moment. She was going to be moved from her group to mine on the day I moved out permanent. After a week or two of that, I moved out there for real. No electricity, no running water. OMG!

I know I never felt worse that the time I spent in the E&O. I am sure I was depressed from the whole experience, confused about my parents love for me, teenagers have enough problems…..This place was making me crazy. If I compare my time spent at Anneewakee to the time I spent in jail, I enjoyed jail more. I missed my parents, music, boys, the sunshine, good food, good anything.

I remember ALL the staff from E&O, their names, faces, and the sounds of their voices.

Here is a picture of the E&O today, We were in the middle of the administrative offices, some stayed here for up to a year. Because it was in the Admin Building, they played elevator music/Peach, 10 hours a day…The Christmas Music starting in November was torture!

14 thoughts on “The E&O was boring

  1. it was a hotel to me .I was transfered from morganton highrise to the eno and was happy to be away from gladiator school.I could have easily left.they were naive to the ways of a true criminal anneewakee allowed me to do whatever i wanted as long as i did it with style and maturity. I truelly believe that what happened to alot of those kids would have happened in prison also.In this world there are prey and predators.I am so glad I went there.i really learned alot had fun and only saw gay peple doing gay acts. Rarely did i see it cause they knew I’d have laughed at them and if it was doc or someone I would have used it to blackmale him,if I didnt assault him first.The ones I see that were abused were ,and are still,from what i seeon facebook, more than willing to allow advances from staff,until years later when money was available. doc,”with a wooden leg”,and his regime were REALLY lucky and never ran into a badass who would have gone ballistic and then snitched all over them,or they just trolled for fish who liked it.And believe me, there were plenty of fish like that there.

  2. i hope yall dont hate me for being blunt,but I was there and thats what i saw.Noone sued for the straight relationships that went on daily ,did they?!!Hell i couldve been a millionaire with payoffs from cases.but i got more class and respect than that and better things in life to pursue.

  3. Apparently my first comment was denada maybe… Porter had been in gp a minute in prison when my ex was there…. David best his ads along a/ this big black dude…… He also tells me one of the guys porter molested was a good Buddie of his in prison…that the DAMAGES.PORTER AND SIDE KICK YES.MAN WOMACK did to these victims and quite frankly the damage your child labor laws,your embezzlement of donations you preyed on desperate parents last hope…they their pockets,FDA us All up. Maybelle must not do sodomy,

  4. Annealed simply and only taught me how to villager lie and con to avoid oppressive restrictive OVER KILL PUNISHMENT. Unlike some I knew but wouldn’t associate with, IM not not wax I WEAK AND/or easily PROGRAMMED.

  5. Funny thing… My comments,here must b approved..therefore , if its anything like ARC , I see freedom of speech and person.And experience is still monitored. Big SURPRISE! I and sodomy laws in gas. Weren’t chat.he till 98 or 99… STILL CHILD MOLESTING IS ILLEGAL SO WHAT WAS YOUR POINT?

  6. Holy moly,
    I never knew doc was under scrutiny in 70.I just never payed much attention to any of the big wigs cause it just felt fake to me.
    My opinion changes daily when I look at flake sites.I know there was abuse and I have empathy for the kids. but then I look back at hpow i felt about certain doc pets and I just dont have it again.Imean there were some punky ass kids there.I blame their parents a lot also.I wpuld never send my child away.Especially if they were meek or very insecure. anneewakee made it look like a great place to build ypur child up,yet behind closed doors the prison bus was unloading kids who needed to be knocked down like me.
    Unfortunately the world is full of doc poetters,hiding under the cloak of god ,a badge,or just all around charisma. Anneewakee taught me how to pick and choose who I hang with and it was no different than a slice of our society.

    • hey were you in the group wacinda. I was, with a kid named chip. I wonder if it was you entry date for me 12/19/1984… I ran 21 months later while in kinunka after the Suwanee river trip

  7. I saw nothing but abuse there.
    I was starved for a week, hit, pushed, dogpiled by the other kids in currahee with mind games, and plainly tortured for the eight months I was there.

    Jim Davidson, Steve wells, and Steve Hornsby were my main tormentors, who never saw one day in jail.
    I didn’t sue.
    I didn’t want anything else but to go back home.

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