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There are many private and closed groups for Anneewakee Survivors. If you are
an Anneewakkee survivor and want info on these groups email me at Most groups require you
Aneewakee laundry number or someone to vouch for you to get in….No Staff
members are allowed in any of the groups I know of.

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minutes transcript of an Anneewakee story
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interview with Jim Parahm who is mentioned below under Jimmy Carter

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Poetter Seeks to Overturn Sodomy Conviction in Anneewakee Attacks

Jimmy Carter and Anneewakee

President Jimmy Carter

When Poetter was removed as executive director, then
Governor Jimmy Carter 
 the Department of Children and Youth and appointed Jim Parham , a powerful
state official, to head the state of Georgia Department of Human Resources in
1971 and who placed in charge of agencies that were supposed to regulate
Anneewakee.  He was also placed in charge with Anneewakee’s day-to-day
operations overseeing Poetter.  In 1972 Parham revamped DHR and the charges

"According to Douglas County Sheriff Earl Lee, Parham
did not cooperate
 with the
criminal investigation of Poetter by denying access to witnesses and documents
and refusing to share information with law enforcement.

"Parham knew about the allegations as early as 1970 when he testified on
Poetter’s behalf at a hearing of the State Board for Children and Youth
investigating molestation accusations by some patients and counselors. Parham
testified  that he had known Poetter for 20 years, beginning when they worked
together in the Fulton County Juvenile Court.  Later they often took boys to
Mexico on "camping" trips.

"The hearing resulted in an agreement that Poertter would be replaced as
director and have no direct contact with patients.  In July 1972 Poetter was
again investigated by the newly revamped DFACS of violating the 1970 order.  In
1973 Parham, as Director DHR, helped Poetter get licensed  as a medical hospital
enabling him to receive medical insurance payments and transferring Anneewakee
from DFACS to a different state agency.

"Former Anneewake board member Bete Advani said she reported Poetter’s sexual
abuse to Parham before and after he became chairman in 1986, but he did not
report it to the police.

"Parham was named as a defendant in two of six lawsuits
that were filed against Anneewake and various individuals on behalf of more than 
former patients

"Parham went to Washington as Carter’s
personal assistant 
1977 and remained there until 1979, when he accepted a full professorship at the
University of Georgia.  Poetter called him again that year and aked him to join
the Anneewake Board of Trustees. Parham accepted, joined the Anneewake board of
directors in 1979 and became chairman of Anneewakee’s board of trustees in July,
1986.    — Atlanta Journal Constitution
Carter & Anneewakee