my stay at Anneewakee

My name is Lee and I was a resident of anneewakee from 89-90. I watched a documentary today about a long term treatment facility in the Dominican Republic.  While watching this video I thought,  wow this story sounds a lot like my own.  For some reason,  until today, I have never thought to Google anneewakee.   I haven’t spoken much to my wife and kids about my experience.  For some reason I seem to have blocked out most of the memories about the friendships and good times I experienced while I was there.  I only remember feeling completely abandoned.  I would really like to talk to someone else that went through it.  Is it just me? Am I just feeling sorry for myself. Why can’t I let this go?  Please email ..

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  1. I remember how no one was to talk to anyone in another group. Group leaders were very strict on this and watch you always.

    • After only being there from 78 -80 I look back and remember a lot of good guys I loved as brothers and wonder what ever happened to them. I saw and lived some crazy things there but with me being maybe the oldest there at the time I believe when I look back these people were probably scared of me. They could not mess with my mind as they could the young guys. So sad because there were a lot of good guys there.

  2. I was there around 87-88 or 89. I hadnt really put much thought into it. I learned there my greatest skill. To be numb… I learned to adapt. i learned to find the good in the bad. I had some great friends but yes it was hell. No treatment. My family relationships and issues were only multiplied and intensified. Shit happened there that even today i do not want to recall. Im interested in visiting the douglasville ga location. Is it still open? Can I walk the trails and see the camps?

    • The douglasville campus is still there; I went by several years ago and visited with Tom Harris who had been my group leader back when I was in Ohinyon in the late 70’s. Much of the Douglasville campus looks the same but most of the old campsites are abandoned and fallen apart. I went by and spoke with the administrator of the site and they let me walk around the campus. You may want to call and ask before heading out there; I really went to see Tom so it might have helped that I knew someone that was still on the staff.

      The Carabelle Campus is totally unrecognizable today; it has been taken over and developed into a golf course/country club and most of the buildings we built down there are gone. The only building I recognized was the old quadrangle which has been expanded quite a bit but is still the same building. The old bayside buildings are mostly gone; the foundations are still where they were but it basically looks totally overgrown with weeds. the hotel still exists; it is now privately owned and operated; It still has the same deck and pier that we built sometime around ~1976-77

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