Mable Poetter and Christmas

Mother-Pink FLoyd

Mabel Poetter was Doc Poetter’s wife. In March 1987, she was  charged with failure to report child abuse. Doc would bring boys into their home and rape them while she was home.

I met her in December 1985. She presented herself as a good Christian woman. She came one night to speak to us girls in the E&O. I had been at Anneewakee for about 2 months now. She spoke to us about how we were never going to be anything other than mothers/house wives, and that is really what God wanted us to strive for. I hated every thing about her. She was just another hypocrite. To make it worse, after her speech, she gave 2, and only 2 girls a cabbage patch doll and said they were voted the “Most Motherly” of our group. After she left the dolls were confiscated by the staff and I never saw anyone with one the whole time I was at Anneewakee. Just more of the psychological bull shit they loved at that place.


I wonder how confused this woman was. She was apparently mentally disabled.

here is her obituary – She never got a divorce and stood by her man’s side, and went to church on Sunday’s.

4 thoughts on “Mable Poetter and Christmas

  1. Maybels from a different reallyif you think about it…..she lives complementarity in denial because role in south in their generation usually DID NOT WOULD NOT DIVORCE

  2. Mrs Porter was a fine woman .,.a great person an a wonderful friend….my laundry number was s74…I was there the one you call buddy aka bruce mays was a guest as a two dollar bill as was Roger rinn….and crazy..some counselors was found to be liking little boys an they came up missing..the lies you tell here are just that anyone that referee to this woman as anything but a great lady is a liar an a piece of shit….my name Dale Strickland an damn proud to of been at anneewakee had a great time an learned so much…so all you liars keep it up if they ask me I can prove you wrong….

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