I found Her!

So last week, I found my best friend/partner in crime from Anneewakee! I can’t believe it was so hard to find her. I have searched Facebook for her name for the last 3 to 4 years. I decided to search again after going through all of the Anneewakee photos on one of the groups web pages. Three or four people down, I saw one from my husband’s high school in North Carolina, so, I clicked that one. IT’S HER OMG! I did not believe it at first. She has some of the same friends on Facebook as my husband does….grew up in the same area. Last year I spent a week in her town, visiting family, and I am sad that I was not able to find her before that! But now, when we go see grandma, we can see her too!!!

I talked to her on the phone, and she made my southern accent come back. That happens when I talk to someone from the south. She said I sound the same, and I forgot to tell her she does too! She helped me remember some things…. Like, once her mother came and spent the weekend on campsite with us! I do not remember anything about parents coming there. My mom never did. Now that I think about it, I would bet that her mom came because she did not get to go on home visits yet, and her mom missed her. I went on home visits, and I would not have traded in a home visit for her to come stay there with us. I totally wish that had happened now though!

We were both 14, and the youngest ones in the group. I was happy to have someone my age in the group. I was just young by myself till she came. We annoyed the other girls. We really weren’t bad, did not brake rules, we annoyed the staff too! I am glad no one cares about that now. We both have the same first name, and were born 5 days apart.

We plan to see each other soon =)

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