8 thoughts on “George and The Devil

    • Mr Philips was not a sexual abuser, but he was not above using fear and intimidation and physically abusing those who in any way, defied him. had it not happened to me, I wouldn’t have mentioned it, but the truth is it happened to me and as a result, I have very little reason to honor his memory and I speak for others

  1. I read your story to my husband tonight. He was very moved.. He too spent several years there. He remembers you and wanted me to try and get in touch with you. His name is Chris Gullo. He was one of the youngest there and his number was G1253. Hope to hear from you. My email is kerrigullo@gmail.com if you would like to get in touch.

    • Kerri, have your husband search “Anneewakee Experience” on facebook. Best place to reconnect with people that attended. Anneewakee.. 🙂

  2. George was a friend of mine, and I don’t think he would appreciate his story put out for entertainment. He suffered more than anyone I knew in that place–yet he grew and thrived.

    Reynolds, another friend of mine, has gone off the rails. I wish you would delete the link.

    Thanks, Rob

    • Greetings Rob,
      You were one of my best friends at ATC. I meant no harm or disrespect to the main person in this story. I intentionally changed the names in the story so as not to cause harm or offense to anyone. I remember George fondly and am very happy to hear he’s doing well. Again, my apologies if this came across as a criticism or attack of anyone you know and care about.

    • Dear Rob,
      I also want to say that my story was not intended to be for entertainment. It was extremely difficult to write. It was part of my own healing process, and I hope that it might help others heal as well. The last thing I intended to do was cause harm or offense to anyone.

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