David Tillis – Child Molester From GA running a youth counseling center!

David Roger Tillis – Runs a young adult counseling service in Georgia. He is a child molester from Anneewakee. He testified against Louis J. Poetter in return for no charges. In case you or someone you know needs counseling. Do not go to this guy!!!!!


When I searched his name I found these links


About Medlock Bridge Counseling Center



9 thoughts on “David Tillis – Child Molester From GA running a youth counseling center!

  1. I was a member there and I was the oldest one ever admitted, I always new this was going on but too stupid to say anything. I was never involved sexually with anybody. I remember Carl he was my leader. and surely remember David Tillis he had blondish hair. He was a super weirdo who was in and out of the facility I was there 79′ to 83′

  2. That’s INSANE!!! I’m a girl but I don’t live that far away from that center. Has anything been done to bring this out in the open? I have a 16 yr old son (who doesn’t need therapy thank god) but I would LOSE MY MIND if I found that out that he did and this was who we were referred to. How is it even possible to molest boys and in this day and age be able to work with kids? (I know that’s a question that will never be answered) but I needed to get that out of my system.

    • This pedo ring envolves judges, lawyers, politicians, and they all protect each other. The people who own Savanah College of Art are also involved. The truth is there for those who research it.

  3. I think you are confused about David Tillis who has been an addiction counselor for many years and helped many people. His mother was instrumental in bringing the abuses at Annewakee to light.

    “For one key participant the settlement was a bittersweet ending to nearly four years of investigation and litigation.”

    “I feel empty that the true story of what really went on at Anneewakee has not been told, and probably never will be, but it needed to be settled for everyone.” said Sarah Tillis, a former Anneewakee trustee who in 1986 alerted authorities to the abuses at the center.

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