Douglas to sell jewelry in vault for 28 years after notorious trial

from 2016, I have no idea how I missed this.

Douglas to sell jewelry in vault for 28 years after notorious trial

Following what some believe was one of the most notorious child sexual assault cases in Georgia history, Douglas County was left with $25,000 worth of jewelry used to pay part of the penalty.

Now, county officials plan to sell the jewelry which was discovered recently after being stored in a safe for 28 years.

The board of commissioners June 7 voted to have the jewelry appraised and advertised for bid. Once the jewelry is sold the money will go into the county’s general fund.

The jewelry was part of a $100,000 fine paid by Louis Poetter after he pleaded guilty to 19 counts of sodomy in 1988, according to media accounts reprinted on a web site about the incidents titled “Anneewakee: My Story.”

Poetter founder of the Anneewakee Treatment Center for Emotionally Disturbed Youth in Douglasville, was arrested in 1986 on charges related to allegations of sexual misconduct with patients and financial wrongdoing within the nonprofit organization, the web site stated. A judge found him guilty and sentenced him in 1988 to 20 years in prison.

The restitution he paid included $100,000 in cash and $25,000 worth of jewelry, said Douglas County District Attorney Brian Fortner. Poetter also turned over nearly $5 million worth of land to the county, according to various sources.

Frank Winn, who served as Douglas County district attorney during the time of the case, said accepting land and jewelry in lieu of cash was an attempt to take back some of the riches Poetter and his family allegedly gained through these illegal acts.

“The concept was initially good,” Winn said. “Nothing about this case was usual. It was one of the major child abuse cases in the country.

“This is something that should have been settled a long time ago, but it is easy to put something off when you have no idea what to do with it,” Winn said.

Fortner said the 46 pieces of jewelry collected from Poetter includes loose stones, rings, necklaces and bracelets, and were found in a safe in the Clerk of Court’s office while it was being cleaned out recently. Superior Court Judge Robert James then ordered the jewels be turned over to the county so they could be disposed of lawfully, Fortner said.

County Commissioner Ann Guider said she did not think it was unusual to accept items such as land and jewelry in addition to money to pay for crimes during this time period.

Guider, who was county tax commissioner in 1988, also said the lengthy case was expensive for the county to prosecute and the jewels were considered valuable restitution at the time.

County Purchasing Director Bill Peacock said the sale of the jewelry is still being organized. However, the county has plans to have the jewelry appraised several times and offered for public bid online, he said.

If I Must Be Sent Away Again

I have frequent nightmares about being sent away from home as a child, violently handed over to sadistic strangers, and thrown into an empty cell of solitary confinement.
I will never really get over it.
But I am thankful for the experience. It will always haunt me, and yet I am stronger for having endured it.
But for God’s sake: Parents, please don’t ever send your children away without their consent! For a child to be violently wrenched from the security of their family and their friends and their natural home environment is an inexcusable abuse.
But I forgive my parents. Or at least I sincerely try.
They truly meant no harm.
They knew not what they did.
And unlike my Jesus who suffered without any guilt, I know that the pain I caused my parents was worthy of the agony I was forced to endure.
And unlike the evildoers who crucified Christ, my parents truly believed that my nails and thorns were in my best interest. In fact, they were genuinely convinced that my torment was “treatment,” and that breaking my heart was a benevolent act of love.
And perhaps they were right. So how can I blame them?
So I can’t be bitter about those trials. I can only be honest. Because truth is the prelude to forgiveness; and forgiveness is the prelude to redemption; and redemption betroths reconciliation.
I know that I was crucified out of love rather than hate. And I can live with that. Because I have to live with the realization that I have crucified many others with my apathy and indifference and arrogance and evil. The sins of my parents were sins of weakness and ignorance and confusion and doubt. But my own sins have been much more deliberate, much more intentional, and therefore much more indefensible.
Yes, these nightmares still haunt me. I don’t want to be sent away again! I still fear that some nefarious “they” will come to take me away, forcing me to wear a green hospital robe, placing me in a padded room, and declaring me a “criminal” or a “lunatic.” And in a society run by the criminally insane, I realize that the truth tellers will always be considered outlaws. Incarcerate them, anesthetize them, mock them, and slay them – but by all means silence them.
But maybe these nightmares emanate from the large, dark beam that is firmly implanted in my own subconscious eye. Maybe my dreams still torment me because I have yet learned to truly forgive, to truly move forward, to truly bathe in the love and light of Christ. Most of all I am haunted by my own grudges. And I am too old to bear this weight any longer.
Please, Lord Jesus: take this yoke upon Yourself. I want peace with my family. And I really, really just want to get some sleep. And if I must be sent away again, Lord please, send me home to You.
Selam, +Gebre Menfes Kidus+

David Tillis – Child Molester From GA running a youth counseling center!

David Roger Tillis – Runs a young adult counseling service in Georgia. He is a child molester from Anneewakee. He testified against Louis J. Poetter in return for no charges. In case you or someone you know needs counseling. Do not go to this guy!!!!!


When I searched his name I found these links


About Medlock Bridge Counseling Center


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