Alabama Getaway! Skiing in the Moonlight

Simply Red – Dancing in the Moonlight

One night after dinner, it was announced we would all need to go back to our group sites and gather up some winter clothing for the night. They never told us why we did anything….we just did it. They loaded us in vans and drove us to Alabama to go skiing in the middle of the night!!!! I think it was  Cloudmont Ski & Golf Resort..

I was anywhere for 150 to 200 of us. I think we all got to go!  They rented us all skis and let us go. It was the most fun I had at ATC I think. Most of us being from Georgia, we had no idea how to ski. They had some kind of rope thing that was supposed to pull you up the hill, an I could not figure that out!  After trying a few times, I gave up and walked up the hill. I wish I could remember who was with me, because that really was a good night! When I got to the top of the hill, I sat down to put on my skis, and one went on down the hill without me. So that is about as far as I ever got with skiing. Now I live in Colorado and I have still not tried to ski again.

Even though all the girls were there, we could still only talk to our group members. I only remember one of us being able to actually ski. We all stood at the bottom of the hill and watched her come down the hill like a pro! We were cheering her on and saying how amazing she was, when we realized she may not know how to stop! She kept coming toward us, and right before she got to this huge muddle puddle she finally stopped. Then slowly fell face first into the mud. So Totally Awesome!!!!

No one ran away that night. I thought about it the whole damn time, but I was 14 and had no idea where I was. Well, maybe I was 15 now, my birthday is in February. Freedom would be so nice. It is nice now, they have cokes and candy for sale, and there are regular people walking around. I wondered if I told someone would they help me. That is a waste of time, I will just have fun for now.


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