Short Story – First Girl at ATC

The day I came four more girls came. The lodge, dorm, clinic and admin building were there. I was there all alone for a few hours! Scared to death. The second day we started working on campsite(abidaban), nothing but a big red hill. My good friend Meg (who I’m still looking for) did something wrong(can’t remember what) and Martha Kitchens, the admin. at the time, made her dig a 12 inch hole with a spoon and the whole group of 7 had to watch. It was terrible. I knew it truly going to be hell!!!! I have so many stories, good and bad! I learned a lot and missed out on so much. It feels good to talk about sometimes, it was a great part of my life, I grew a lot.

Marcia Ray


my stay at Anneewakee

My name is Lee and I was a resident of anneewakee from 89-90. I watched a documentary today about a long term treatment facility in the Dominican Republic.  While watching this video I thought,  wow this story sounds a lot like my own.  For some reason,  until today, I have never thought to Google anneewakee.   I haven’t spoken much to my wife and kids about my experience.  For some reason I seem to have blocked out most of the memories about the friendships and good times I experienced while I was there.  I only remember feeling completely abandoned.  I would really like to talk to someone else that went through it.  Is it just me? Am I just feeling sorry for myself. Why can’t I let this go?  Please email ..

David Roger Tillis – Child Molester From GA running a youth counseling center!

David Roger Tillis – Runs a young adult counseling service in Georgia. He is a child molester from Anneewakee. He testified against Louis J. Poetter in return for no charges. In case you or someone you know needs counseling. Do not go to this guy!!!!!


When I searched his name I found these links


About Medlock Bridge Counseling Center


I found Her!

So last week, I found my best friend/partner in crime from Anneewakee! I can’t believe it was so hard to find her. I have searched Facebook for her name for the last 3 to 4 years. I decided to search again after going through all of the Anneewakee photos on one of the groups web pages. Three or four people down, I saw one from my husband’s high school in North Carolina, so, I clicked that one. IT’S HER OMG! I did not believe it at first. She has some of the same friends on Facebook as my husband does….grew up in the same area. Last year I spent a week in her town, visiting family, and I am sad that I was not able to find her before that! But now, when we go see grandma, we can see her too!!!

I talked to her on the phone, and she made my southern accent come back. That happens when I talk to someone from the south. She said I sound the same, and I forgot to tell her she does too! She helped me remember some things…. Like, once her mother came and spent the weekend on campsite with us! I do not remember anything about parents coming there. My mom never did. Now that I think about it, I would bet that her mom came because she did not get to go on home visits yet, and her mom missed her. I went on home visits, and I would not have traded in a home visit for her to come stay there with us. I totally wish that had happened now though!

We were both 14, and the youngest ones in the group. I was happy to have someone my age in the group. I was just young by myself till she came. We annoyed the other girls. We really weren’t bad, did not brake rules, we annoyed the staff too! I am glad no one cares about that now. We both have the same first name, and were born 5 days apart.

We plan to see each other soon =)